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Agápe Retreat Center Rules, Policies,
    Guidelines and Rental Information

We have prepared a four page Registration packet. It consist of a contract page, a rates page and two pages of guidelines for safety, registration and payment requirements.

Read and/or print out the Registration Document
Get Adobe Acrobat ReaderThis document is an Adobe PDF document. You need Acrobat Reader, which is free, in order to view this document.

Registration information and policies may also be found at the Registration link to the left. Rate information may also be found at the Rates link to the left.

Safety Rules

Whether you are a newcomer to Agápe Retreat Center or a veteran camper, all guests must make safety their first and highest priority. Camping may involve use of the swimming pool, fire circles, hiking in hilly areas, exploring near the creek, and exposure to plants, insects, and animals that usually are not found in urban areas. Guests are responsible for their own insurance, and by signing the reservation contract waive all right of action against Agápe Retreats, LLC. Please read carefully the safety information provided with the registration contract (and this web page) and read and follow all notices posted in the facilities.

Pool - permanently closed May 2006

Former pool area is off limits to guests.


Wood is provided for use at designated fire circles and for use in fireplaces. Do not gather your own wood for fireplaces. Should you need additional firewood, contact the management. All fire preparations must be conducted or supervised at all times by adults. Do not build a fire larger than you can control.


Agápe Retreat Center is a hilly, wooded area with deep cut ravines. Caution is necessary to avoid slipping or falling when hiking on trails or roads that border the ravines. Log walking is dangerous and should be avoided. Please report any new fallen logs which span any of the ravines.


A small creek runs through a section of the camp. It is normally quite shallow and both children and adults enjoy walking along the banks and wading in the water. If there is substantial rain, however, flash flooding can occur. All guests must exercise caution and avoid going near the creek whenever rain is falling - no exceptions.


In case of an emergency, guests may use the telephone provided in the Agápe Lodge. 911 service is provided in Licking County. The telephone number of Agápe Retreats, LLC is posted next to the telephone, along with other emergency numbers for poison control, electrical outages, etc. You will be notified as to the location of the site manager upon check-in.


Please leave your pets at home. Exception: Helper animals are allowed to accompany their owners. Other special arrangements may be necessary from time to time and will be addressed on an individual basis.

Firearms and Weapons

Please leave them at home! Including paint ball and air-powered guns.


A telephone is provided in the Agápe Lodge for the safety and convenience of our guests. When making long distance calls outside the local dialing area, please use a personal phone card. You will be invoiced for long distance charges incurred during your stay.


Guests must park in the designated parking lots at the Center entrance and use the footbridge to cross the creek and enter the retreat center. Water levels allowing, groups may use one vehicle to cross the creek to drop off food and equipment to the small parking area at the Agápe Lodge and the vehicle is to be returned to the parking lot immediately upon unloading. The site manager is usually available to help transport belongings in a Center vehicle. Individuals with disabilities and the elderly may be transported to the Agápe Lodge. Please notify Agápe Retreats in advance of any transportation needs.


Agápe Retreat Center is quite hilly and there are no paved roads. Access for anyone with a disability can be quite a challenge. The facilities are old and the restrooms have not been updated. However, the Agápe Lodge and Faith Lodge are both on relatively flat ground and a sidewalk connects the two buildings. All guests considering rental of the Agápe Retreat Center should inspect the facilities before making a decision and this especially applies to guests with disabilities.

Smoking, Drugs, and Alcohol

Agápe Retreat Center is a smoke-free, drug-free, and alcohol-free facility. Smoking is discouraged and is allowed only at fire rings and the parking lot. Butts are litter, so dispose of appropriately. Use of drugs and/or alcohol on Center property is cause for immediate expulsion and loss of any payments and security deposits.


Agápe Retreats, LLC is committed to preserving the land at Agápe Retreat Center as far as possible in its natural condition. An ethic of stewardship and responsibility for all the life forms at Agápe Retreat Center is encouraged for children as well as for adults. Guests are asked to respect all the plant life, animals, soil and water on the premises. This includes, for example, taking care to not: cut trees, break off limbs, dig up plants, damage trails, or pollute or disturb waterways. Hunting of animals or use of any firearms is strictly forbidden. Guests may not use any motorized vehicle on the campgrounds, including "dirt bikes," snowmobiles, or "off-road" machines. No littering of any kind is permitted. Recycling and/or trash containers are provided in all of the buildings and in other locations on the grounds.

Remember the Hiker's Code: "Take nothing but pictures; Leave nothing but footprints."

Additional Buildings

There are a number of small buildings and cottages at Agápe Retreat Center. You are welcome to use all of the common areas of the grounds. However, your rental agreement will limit you to the use of only those buildings that are agreed upon in your contract. Disturbing buildings and/or other visitors may result in loss of your Security Deposit and/or expulsion from camp. Be sure to inform your group of their responsibilities to respect others and the property.


Upon check-in, you will receive a sketch of the Agápe Retreat Center, its buildings and its boundaries. Please familiarize yourself with the area and know where you are supposed to be. There are white PVC pipes at the corners and turning points along the boundary. The pipes are far apart and you can walk off the property without realizing it. Generally, you are leaving Agápe Retreat Center, if you cross a fence or go outside the boundary path. Additional pink flagging has been tied to trees along the perimeter of the property. Please attempt to stay on the Agápe Retreat Center property at all times during your stay.

Cleaning and Recycling

Guests are responsible for leaving the Agápe Retreat Center facilities in the same condition (or better!) in which they were found. This includes the grounds, the lodges and cabins, including thoroughly cleaning the kitchen area and removing all trash, food items and equipment brought into the camp. All materials that can be recycled, including cans, glass, plastic bottles, and newsprint, must be cleaned and disposed of. No open food items should be left in refrigerators or cupboards. Food donations to the Center need to be sealed and unopened.


All groups must have a minimum of two adult chaperones. Youth Groups require same sex chaperones; and one (1) adult for every seven (7) youth under age 18. Adult chaperones are required to stay in each building used. We suggest that an adult stays in each lodge dorm room as appropriate. Chaperones are expected to maintain discipline of their group to ensure a safe retreat experience for everyone using the Center.

Quiet Hours

The Agápe Retreat Center observes Quiet Hours from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. During this time, no one under 18 is to be outside of assigned areas without an adult. Please respect the experience of other campers on the property and the Center's neighbors.

Deposit & Security Deposit

The minimum non-refundable deposit to confirm your reservation is the minimum retreat fee as outlined in this packet. Your non-refundable deposit may be transferred once to another date, within four months, in the event you must postpone your visit. Groups that cancel a confirmed reservation within ten days of their scheduled arrival date will forfeit their total deposit and are not eligible to transfer their deposit to another date. An additional Security Deposit of $100 per building per reservation is required at the time of arrival. Agápe Retreats, LLC will gladly refund your security deposit after we have made a satisfactory exit inspection of the facility following your stay.

Your Security Deposit may be forfeited if your group:

  1. Damages, defaces or removes any Agápe Retreat Center property.
  2. Fails to comply with the Rules and Guidelines of Agápe Retreat Center and Agápe Retreats, LLC.
  3. Disturbs other people and/or unoccupied buildings during your stay.
  4. Abuses long distance telephone service during your stay. Agápe Retreats, LLC will invoice your group for telephone charges if the Security Deposit has already been returned.
  5. Brings firearms, alcohol or drugs on property.

Payment of Fees

The balance of your fees are due at check-in with the site manager and will be calculated as outlined in this packet. If your group exceeds the building occupancy limit, you will be expected to pay $15 per night for each additional person.

Rules and Guidelines herein are not exhaustive and subject to change. Items not covered will be handled on an individual basis.


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